Welcome to Recon By Fire LLC
Welcome to Recon By Fire's online store. Recon By Fire was envisioned to alleviate the issues the savvy shooter experiences online. The firearm industry is supersaturated, especially with AR style platforms, Glock platforms, and of course ol' faithful, the 1911 variants. The problem with the market is, even though the market is flooded with parts and mods, quality products must be sought after. Even then, some products are marked at premium prices, while there are far more cost effective solutions that are superior to the glamorous branding appeal. If you've ever done a gun build from scratch, you have surely felt the pain of searching websites endlessly, looking for the deals and weighing cost and value. Recon By Fire is the solution for all of the aforementioned as a one stop shop for all things tactical.    

"When your're green you're growing, when you're ripe you're rotting." I got this quote from a 20+ year long-tabber that I used to serve with. It is wisdom beyond truth that deals with the reality of staying relevant in a constantly changing world. The tactical realm is one of the most dynamic, multi-faceted philosophies ever known to mankind. This site intends to be just as much of an educational resource as it is business. Please join the site, follow our newsletter, like us on social media, and participate in our discussion topics. By visiting the "Training" tab at the top of the web page you will find an ever growing vault of information that we all need to stay fresh on to remain relevant, but even more so, to keep up with the changing times. Thank you for checking out Recon By Fire LLC. We hope to earn your business and look forward to what we can all learn and accomplish together through a strong network of like-minded patriots!     

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